Delivery targets increased 20% -   Krispy Kreme in
Incredible £10K savings p/m -   Zenith makes dr
Better Control and Faster Response Times - The Challenge With its fleet of emergency v
Increased Efficiency by over 60% -  The Challenge  NEMTDispatch mana
50% productivity improvement -   Home James Ltd.
Greater productivity and easier communication -   Greater product
20% rise in appointments -   Matthew Algie b
Savings of 25% achieved in two months - The Company Sanctuary Maintenance is part o
Reduced Mileage and More Jobs Completed - Improved workflow and productivity from TomTom
Significant fuel savings of 18% -   Service line ac
Admin time slashed by 100% -   ISG technology
7% fuel saving in 4 months -   City Technical
Incredible £22k fuel saving -   Christie Intrud
Response time reduced by 80% -   Telent reduce r
Greater Control of Fleet -  The Challenge  “Our previo
Reduced Fuel and C02 by 15% - The Challenge Professional, customer focuse
Increase of 30% on collections -   H&M Distrib

Service & maintenance - Service & maintenance Help technicians prov
Long Haulage - Transport - Long haulage Greater control over y
Courier & Express - Courier / Express services Reduce costs, offer
People transport - People transport Improve the safety of your dri
Utilities - Utilities Keep costs down, improve efficiencies
Health care - Health care Provide reliable proof of time spen
Emergency - Emergency services Improve the response time of
Sales fleets - Sales fleet Track the productivity of your sale
Insurance telematics - Insurance telematics Enhance your driving risk

Professional navigation - TomTom professional navigation has been shown
Improved Driver Behavior - TomTom provides tools to promote safe and effi
Traffic avoidance - Fleet management that includes the best traffi
Vehicle tracking – Fleet tracking - TomTom's vehicle tracking and fleet tracking s
Job dispatch - The smart order dispatch processes and practices w
Time management - With WORKsmartT fleet management you can take cont
Environmental responsibility - The same things that help you lessen your company&
Management reporting - Improve your services in real time, thanks to the
Partner applications - HIGHLIGHTS Powering your business Power your