Improve customer service, boost driver safety and lower your CO2 emissions all at once, with TomTom’s enterprise business solution. And, because it’s really easy to set up and integrate with your existing systems, you can start reaping the benefits quickly.

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Your benefits


Enhance driver safety

  • Give drivers a simple alert on their device when they are speeding, or when steering and braking excessively, through Active Driver Feedback
  • Reduce the risks associated with speeding and harsh braking by monitoring driver behaviour and setting guidelines for safer driving

Lower your CO2 emissions

  • Avoid traffic and inefficient ‘stop-start’ driving with TomTom Eco Routes and HD Traffic™
  • Locate vehicles easily and allocate new jobs efficiently to the nearest driver
  • Reduce mileage by as much as 16% by giving drivers the most accurate routing

Improve your service levels

  • Give drivers orders on their device, so they can go easily from job to job without returning to the office
  • Help drivers reach their destination faster through live in-vehicle traffic information and smart routing
  • Provide customers with shorter arrival windows thanks to smarter routing and more accurate estimated arrival times

Integrate your existing systems with TomTom fleet management

  • Access hundreds of existing integrated applications
  • Implement your solution quickly and easily
  • Benefit from TomTom’s world-class API - WEBFLEET.connect