TomTom ecoPLUS™ - Highlights

If you’re going to reduce the costs – both financial and environmental – of fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, you need the insight to make smart decisions. TomTom ecoPLUS™ provides that insight.

TomTom ecoPLUS™ is an easy and effective way to retrieve important vehicle data. It gives you useful reports on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and engine trouble codes.

The TomTom ecoPLUS™ device is extremely simply to install. It connects easily to a wide variety of commercial vehicles via the OBD-II port.

If you want to run a greener business and drive down your operational costs, TomTom ecoPLUS™ is everything you need.

Be more environmentally friendly by reducing your vehicles’ fuel consumption and your carbon footprint.

  • See a clear overview of how your fleet is dealing with fuel consumption
  • Empower your staff to develop a more efficient, professional driving style
  • Drive down fuel and maintenance costs by monitoring the condition of your vehicles
  • Impress customers by demonstrating your eco-friendly approach

Knowing how efficiently your fleet uses fuel makes it easy to cut fuel costs and reduce your environmental impact.

How does it work?

The TomTom ecoPLUS™ device is small, fits in any car with an OBD-II port and takes seconds to install. TomTom ecoPLUS™ provides all relevant driving and vehicle information to WEBFLEET®, when connected to a TomTom LINK series vehicle tracking device. So you can always see how much fuel is being consumed, and where. And you can take the action needed to reduce it.

Prepare your business for rising fuel prices and new emissions standards

Monitoring your fuel consumption and carbon footprint has never been easier.

  • See all fuel-related KPIs at a glance, on an easy-to-read dashboard
  • Get a deeper insight into fuel efficiency and your carbon footprint, with eco reporting
  • Improve management of your daily operations, including fuel consumption


Help your drivers make a difference

The driving performance of each of your drivers greatly impacts your fuel efficiency.

  • Cut fuel costs and carbon emissions by promoting a greener, safer and more efficient driving style
  • Empower staff to drive more efficiently, with Active Driver Feedback and ecoStatistics* displayed on your drivers’ TomTom PRO devices
  • Set benchmarks and compare your drivers’ performance against current trends with OptiDrive™


Healthier vehicles

TomTom ecoPLUS™ monitors the condition of your vehicles and notifies you when a vehicle reports an issue.

  • Improve driver safety by monitoring the technical condition of your vehicles
  • React immediately to vehicle problems and prevent any further damage, with diagnostic trouble code notifications
  • Schedule maintenance tasks in the most effective way and monitor their status in WEBFLEET®

A successful sustainability strategy is vital to your business – ecologically, socially and financially.

TomTom ecoPLUS™ helps you monitor driver behaviour and fuel consumption. So you can help your drivers adopt a more efficient driving style and become greener.


Drivers are the key to your sustainability strategy because:

  • 30% of the total cost of vehicle ownership is affected by how vehicles are driven (fuel & maintenance)
  • Eco-driving reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Healthier, greener vehicles are more sustainable vehicles

A strategy for reducing vehicle costs with TomTom ecoPLUS™:

  • Measure your eco-driving performance
  • Understand the reasons fuel is being wasted
  • Empower your drivers to adopt a safer, more efficient driving style