LINK 510 Vehicle Tracking Device - Highlights

Benefit from more efficient vehicle management with the TomTom LINK 510. Our vehicle tracking device works in tandem with the FMS interfaces and digital tachographs in your vehicles. So you can access valuable driving and vehicle data, any time.


With its advanced integration features, the LINK 510 is the leading commercial vehicle tracking device. You’ll see real time and historical reports on when, where and how your vehicles are being driven. The LINK 510 vehicle tracking device also makes it easy to analyse your fuel costs, working hours and driving performance.


Superior insight from the LINK 510 vehicle tracking device

  • Get automated reports covering mileage, trips, time spent on location and driving behaviour.
  • Optimize efficiency of your teams on the road.
  • Empower your staff to spend more time with customers.
  • Drive down fuel, maintenance and insurance costs.
  • Reduce administration for your drivers and your back office.



By keeping you connected with your commercial vehicles, the TomTom LINK 510 vehicle tracking device can help you reduce costs and enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce.

How it works

The TomTom LINK 510 is a small vehicle tracking device that can be quickly installed into any car, van or truck. It uses GPS/GSM technologies to communicate between the vehicle and the office, providing a wealth of tracking, tracing and reporting information in real-time.

All of this information can be viewed in WEBFLEET™, our secure online fleet management system, which presents the data clearly through standard reports and dashboards.


Greater driving efficiency, lower costs

Reduce costs and help your teams deliver more transparent customer service:

  • Monitor driving behaviour to reduce maintenance and insurance costs.
  • Cut fuel costs and carbon emissions by promoting a greener, safer and efficient driving style.
  • Reports on speed, over revving and harsh braking and steering.
  • Map the position of your vehicles, and always send the nearest driver.
  • Analyse driving speed and time spent at each location, so teams can spend more time with customers.


Less administration

Help fleet and back office teams reduce their workload:

  • Full logbook functionality included.
  • Paperless, automated mileage registration of both private and business miles.
  • View all information in one simple graph, to manage your targets.


Protect your assets

Enhance your vehicle and driver security by connecting the LINK 510 to important vehicle data using digital input/output:

  • Keep drivers and cargo secure with remote door lock functionality.
  • Prevent unauthorised use of the vehicle.
  • Automatic fuel theft detection.
  • Trucks can be monitored more effectively through the simultaneous use of digital tachograph, FMS and digital input.


A future-proof investment

The TomTom LINK 510 vehicle tracking device is part of WORKsmart™, TomTom's out-of-the-box fleet management solution:

  • Connect to the TomTom PRO navigation series via Bluetooth® for easier, quicker time management and job dispatch.
  • Make your fleet greener through TomTom ecoPLUS™.

Physical characteristics

Dimensions Body: 121 x 56.5 x 21.5 mm
Body with Holder: 121 x 68 x 25.5 mm
Weight and material Body: 88 g, PC/ABS
Holder: 12 g, PC/ABS
Environment Environmental sealing: IP20
Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C


Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage 12V/24V (min. 9V to max. 30V)
Current consumption At 14V: typically < 50mA
At 28V: typically < 30mA
Standby: typically < 1mA
During data transmission 14V < 150mA
28V < 100mA
Fuse Protection Operating voltage* 9V - 30V to be fused with max. 10A
Ignition to be fused with max. 10A
*Internally fused with 2A, fuse is not resettable or replaceable, fuse must be replaced by TomTom Telematics only



GPS antenna SMB (male) - (Antenna female)
Supply voltage range 3.3V
Minimum antenna gain at 3V: 20dB
Maximum antenna gain: 40dB
Maximum noise rating: 1.5dB
GSM antenna connector for external GSM antenna 
(optional accessory)
SMB (male) - (antenna - female), for use with GSM antenna from TomTom Telematics only
Inputs 2 x digital inputs, ignition input
Output 1 x digital output



GSM-Module Integrated
GPS-Module Integrated, antenna and receiver
Bluetooth Integrated Bluetooth (class 2) for connection to TomTom PRO device and other TomTom accessories like the Remote LINK and the TomTom ecoPLUS


What's in the box?

  • TomTom LINK 510 unit
  • Fixatives
  • Holder
  • Power cable
  • Documentation

Hassle-free installation. At TomTom we aim for a total user experience. It's not just the use of the product that needs to be easy, it's the full experience. That is why we have made sure that the installation of the TomTom LINK 510 is extremely easy. We have certified partners across the country to ensure correct installation and support.

No fuss

The LINK 510 unit can be fitted to a vehicle's dashboard or hidden away behind the dashboard - whichever is most convenient. Once it's securely in place, it's connected to the vehicle's power supply, ignition and any other digital input devices required. While installing the unit is a relatively quick and easy process, it should only be undertaken by a qualified installer.

Approved partners

We are happy to recommend a reseller, distributor or business partner who will be able to carry out the installation at a time and place to suit you. Simply search within our list of approved partners in your area. Alternatively request a sales demonstration of the TomTom LINK 510.

Certified resellers of TomTom fleet management productsRequest demonstration

TomTom offers a range of complementary products to the TomTom LINK. You can add additional value to the TomTom LINK 510 with the following accessories.

TomTom Remote LINK Working Time

The TomTom Remote LINK Working Time is designed to track the working hours of individuals and groups travelling in your company cars, trucks and vans. Employees just use the remote control to register the moment they start work, take a break or head for home. So you end up with an accurate record of everyone's working hours, not just the driver's.


TomTom Remote LINK Logbook

The TomTom Remote LINK Logbook is a remote control device that lets you see exactly how your fleet vehicles are being used. Employees just click a button to register a journey as personal, commuting or business mileage, helping you monitor the number and nature of miles driven.


TomTom External GPS Antenna

If you've installed your TomTom LINK 510 in a place where GPS reception for the integrated GPS-antenna of the TomTom LINK is obstructed, you can use the external GPS antenna from TomTom. It comes with a 2.5 m cable, so that you can also easily attach it to the outside of the vehicle.