When your workforce is out and about, it can be difficult to retain control of your day-to-day operations. TomTom has solved this problem with WEBFLEET, an online application that enables you to manage your fleet, 24 hours a day, from any PC. There's no software to install. Just open WEBFLEET through a web browser and you can manage your entire field operation from the comfort of your desk.


Easy to use

The intuitive interface, clear structure and logically grouped features makeWEBFLEET very easy to use. You can assign icons to different vehicle types, and get an overview of different groups of vehicles. The position of each vehicle is automatically updated on the map. And because WEBFLEET is a subscription service, you get all maps and upgrades as and when you need them.



We understand that you need reliable, 24-hour access to your fleet management application and complete security at all times. So rest assured.WEBFLEET has an excellent uptime record and can only be accessed through a secure online account using your personal ID and password. That's why the WEBFLEET service is trusted by more than 36,000 business customers managing over 500,000 vehicles around the world.



With WEBFLEET, everything you need to manage your commercial vehicles is right there, at your fingertips. You can monitor response times and driving/idling ratios, get efficiency reports for the last quarter, send text messages or re-route a driver with just a few key strokes. And because it's a web-based application, there are no in-house IT costs to worry about, either. How smart is that?

WEBFLEET® and Reporting - Reporting overview

Difficult business decisions are a lot more straightforward with TomTom fleet management. That's because WEBFLEET® gives you quick access to the information that counts and helps you weigh up the options.

We offer you the most reliable data of what happens on the road so you can trust you're making the right decisions. You'll get 24-hour access to both real-time and historical information on your vehicles, workforce and orders. Find out how our extensive range of fleet management reports can improve your business' profitability, productivity, service levels and compliancy.


Helping you make the right decisions at the right time

Base decisions on real-time information from your fleet

  • An online map shows you the location and traffic conditions around each of your vehicles.
  • You can access this real-time information wherever you are, 24/7 on your PC or smartphone.


Know when you need to step in


  • A clear online dashboard tracks your KPIs so that you can spot trends and see where there's room for improvement.
  • Set thresholds signal you when KPIs fall below expectations so you can respond to problems straight away.



Measure the impact of your choices


  • A comprehensive set of ready-made reports gives you full visibility over your fleet's performance.
  • Create and edit reports and assign them to selected users by using the report manager.
  • A choice of filters and conditional highlights lets you adjust reports to meet the precise needs of your business.
  • You can schedule reports or download them on demand.


Integrate your applications with the most accurate data

  • Save time on administration and increase the accuracy of your records with automated data input.
  • Extend your existing scheduling, dispatch and accounting system by integrating WEBFLEET information.

We've brought fleet management to over 36,000 different companies across the world. Our customers tell us what they need, teaching us what information is most important to them, and helping us develop a wide variety of fleet management reports fit for business.

Fleet management reports - benefits - Reporting benefits

You can only manage what you measure. Fortunately, you can measure a lot with WEBFLEET®. Based on feedback from our customers, we know what kind of information is important. The reports we produce help you to keep on top of everything from fuel efficiency to legal compliancy to quality of service. Find a selection of the most popular fleet management reports in use by our customers below.

  •  Productivity reporting
  •  Cost control reporting
  •  Service level reporting
  •  Eco reporting
  •  Safety reporting
  •  Compliancy reporting


Productivity reporting

  • Monitor productivity, maximise billable time

    Reports on trips, hours and orders help you assess productivity and target areas where there's room for improvement.

    Improve scheduling by analysing orders, standstill time, trip time and distance travelled

    Use records of time spent with customers and time spent on the road to maximise billable time

    Compare individual and group performance to optimise resource allocation and planning

  • Recommended reports

    Trip report (daily summary)Working time report (by driver)Order overview report


Cost control reporting

  • Improve efficiency and cut spend on fuel

    Fuel is one area where you can make big efficiency savings, and our cost control reports help you do just that.

    Spot speeding, idling, harsh braking and steering, and encourage a more fuel-efficient driving style

    Monitor both business and private mileage and compare it with spend on fuel to identify inefficiency in your fleet

    Check whether excessive mileage or time is being spent on an order and focus on where you can make the biggest savings

  • Recommended reports

    Trip report (detailed)OptiDrive reportDriver working hours exception report


Service level reporting

  • Complete orders on time and as promised

    A record of orders and arrival times shows how reliable your service is. And you can share it with your customers.

    See if your drivers are arriving on time and analyse the reliability and responsiveness of your service

    Be transparent and provide a job-by-job insight into time spent driving and time spent with customers

  • Recommended reports

    Order overview reportOrder report (detailed)


Eco reporting

  • Drive down fuel use and carbon emissions

    TomTom measures your environmental impact and helps you to lower your company's carbon footprint.

    Promote a more fuel-efficient driving style by monitoring driving performance

    Use stats on trip time, idle time, distance travelled and fuel consumption to spot problems and improve efficiency

    Check the carbon emissions for each of your vehicles and work to lower your carbon footprint

  • Recommended reports

    Fuel consumption reportCO2 reportOptiDrive report


Safety reporting

  • Promote safer driving across your fleet

    Reports on dangerous driving, vehicle maintenance and working hours keep you on top of safety.

    Spot speeding, harsh braking and steering, and encourage a safer driving style

    Schedule services based on our maintenance reports and keep your vehicles in safe working order

    Set limits and monitor if your drivers go beyond a safe number of hours behind the wheel

  • Recommended reports

    Driving eventsMaintenance reportDriver working hours exception report


Compliancy reporting

  • Prove compliance with hours and tax laws

    A record of working hours and private mileage means you can show your business is operating within the law.

    Get a log of both private and business miles for use on tax compliance Ensure your staff are working within driving time directives with a record of hours behind the wheel

  • Recommended reports

    Trip report (logbook)Working time report (by driver)

WEBFLEET - Features

WEBFLEET is designed to make your working life easier. Everything you need is only a click away.

  • Smart technology
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Clear and accurate reporting
  • Always connected to your people on the road
  • Up to date maps
  • Easy integration


Smart technology

Smart and efficient tracking & tracing and planning

Know the precise location of all your vehicles as you watch them in real time on street level maps. When a new task comes in, see instantly from people's locations and your current planning which of your drivers is best placed to take the job.

Gain the flexibility to manage your fleet from the office, home or on the road

All you need is an Internet connection to connect to the service and locate your vehicles.

Secure online account

View the data and desired reports by accessing your secure online account with your own personal ID and password on every computer that has access to the Internet.


Works on all operating systems

WEBFLEET runs on every operating system (Windows, MAC OS, Linux) and every browser (MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, ...) that support Flash content.

Flexible access for multiple users

Dispatchers or planners in various locations can work simultaneously with the same information. Users can give their clients, sub-contractors, or partners, access to individual vehicle or vehicle group data.

No Investment Costs

There's no special software involved besides a modern internet browser and no need for any additional hardware on your computers. This saves you money and let's you gain flexibility.

The WEBFLEET application is available through the TomTom website. You can access the application using any operating system (including Windows, MAC OS and Linux) and any browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that supports Flash content.

Technical requirements

Internet Connection min. 2Mbit
Flash Player Version Latest version
Computerhardware min. 1 GHZ CPU
  min. 1 GB RAM
  Screen resolution 1024*768px




WEBFLEET provides you with street-level maps of the majority of European, North American and African countries as well as Australia and New Zealand. We update the system each time a new version is released, so you never pay more to be using the latest TomTom map.


All of our maps are carefully structured to provide the level of information you need at different times, for different purposes. At higher levels you can see the major routes and arterials. As you zoom in closer, more surface streets and local details are revealed.