Improve your services in real time, thanks to the wealth of live information delivered by our WORKsmartT fleet management solution. It puts you in control, helping you enhance productivity, manage costs and deliver better services - all while your fleet is on the road.

Visual overview

Through the Dashboard, our fleet management solution gives you insight into the performance of your people, so you can make effective business decisions. It depicts key performance indicators for service levels, costs and productivity, letting you set benchmarks for each one, and measure how well your individuals and teams are performing against them.

Extensive reporting

If you want to carry out a more detailed analysis of the performance of your fleet, look no further than the reporting option within our web-based fleet management application. Every day, every month or at a time of your choice, you can download trip reports, working hours reports, mileage reports and more from WEBFLEET®, in a format to suit - either as a PDF for instant insight, or a CSV file, so that you can process the data further yourself.

Data integration

A number of applications across your business can be enhanced with the data gathered using WORKsmart fleet management. Why not add working hours data to your accounting and payroll applications, for instance? Or use business mileage data to create accurate, activity-based customer invoices that show the time spent on each job? The data integration takes place 'out of the box'. And it can help to boost performance across your business as a whole - not just the performance your fleet. To see which applications are supported by WORKsmart, click below.


At TomTom, we want WORKsmart-Insight to help you save money. So at the heart of it, you'll find our fleet management application, WEBFLEET. WEBFLEET is accessible via any web browser, and available by subscription. That makes it a fast, cost-effective way to gain invaluable insight into your fleet, which you can use to improve performance and save money across your business. To learn more about the different things you can do with WEBFLEET, visit our WEBFLEET product page.