The same things that help you lessen your company's impact on the environment also have a lot of other benefits. More efficient driving styles for instance not only reduce your carbon footprint - they also cut costs on fuel and improve safety on the road.

Eco friendly with fleet management

When it comes to the environment, TomTom fleet management helps you to operate as efficiently as possible. We all know that quick acceleration, hash braking and a stop-start style is more wasteful than a stable, fluid approach, and with WORKsmartT-Eco we can take action against it. You can quickly get information on the speeds, driving styles, carbon footprint and idle time of each of your vehicles online through WEBFLEET®. Then set targets on key performance indicators and measure your workforce against them.


Optimised vehicle usage

Fleet management helps you to better schedule work, minimise unnecessary mileage and cut idle time across your fleet. And TomTom PRO navigation devices mean that your mobile workforce will take the fastest routes, travel less miles and use less fuel per job. The resulting fuel savings are not only good for the environment, but good for your bottom line too. As an added bonus, lower mileage makes your maintenance costs lower too.


Socially responsible

Monitor driving styles across your fleet and work to prevent speeding and other driving practices that are dangerous for both drivers and the environment. It's an easy way to fulfil two of your main responsibilities in one go, and you can even document your progress with TomTom carbon footprint reports.



Those serious about green business will want to add TomTom ecoPLUST to their fleet management solution. This provides fuel efficiency and carbon footprint information straight from your vehicles so that you can accurately measure and monitor your fleet's performance against KPIs. How green your business is and how much money you save is then in your hands.

Let us get in touch to explore how your particular business can save 8% on fuel costs. Or read more on how your business can turn green with fleet management in our WORKsmart-Eco brochure.