With WORKsmartT fleet management you can take control of your mobile workforce by recording the hours your drivers work and the time they spend on the road.

Working time

It is key that you know your employees' working hours so that you can properly organise overtime, keep an eye on working patterns and, above all, keep costs down. WORKsmart fleet management can give you that information as it keeps an accurate, actual-time record of your drivers' working hours. There are lots of ways that you can use this data, for instance using it to demonstrate how long was spent on an order to you customers, or usint it to prove that you abide by employee working time laws.

Driving time

With the push of a single button, WORKsmartT fleet management lets drivers record mileage for their business, commuting and personal travel. With this information, you can track exactly how your vehicles are being used. See how many hours each driver has worked, monitor driving patterns and identify how you can keep costs down. And, to create fully transparent invoices you can combine this driving information with your billing system.


Drivers can easily keep track of their working hours with WORKsmart-Time fleet management. Using a TomTom PRO device, field workers simply tap the screen to report their driving time. And the TomTom LINK device is even better as it continuously forwards information on mileage and time spent on the road to WEBFLEET®. Your drivers don't have to do a thing! And, if there are teams of staff travelling to a job-site this isn't a problem - they can use Remote LINK Working Time to report their time-on-site.

Time is valuable. Make sure you're making the most of yours.