TomTom's vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions deliver real-time information to help you make smarter, better-informed decisions. Data on the location, speed, mileage and fuel consumption of each vehicle in your fleet can be used to identify opportunities to save money. Vehicle tracking even lets you know which vehicle is closest to a new assignment. TomTom vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions ensure that you are able to respond quickly and effectively to new developments, and help you to improve the efficiency of your business.

Benefits of real-time vehicle (fleet) tracking

TomTom's WORKsmart™-Track vehicle tracking system provides you with detailed real-time data on the movement of all your vehicles in your fleet. By providing accurate information on hours worked or hours driven, WORKsmart-Track helps you to monitor working-time regulation compliance. The system will even record where each vehicle has been for up to 90 days in the past, helping with proof of delivery. Our vehicle tracking and fleet tracking system can also report on speed, mileage and fuel consumption enabling you to identify opportunities for saving money.


90-day vehicle tracing

Because TomTom vehicle tracking records every movement of each of the vehicles in your fleet, you can spot patterns and anomalies as they develop. View the "Snail trail" of a vehicle to see where it has been over the past 90 days. Using this feature of the vehicle tracking solution, you can get an instant overview of each vehicle's journey, and analyse driving style.


Drive greener

With the right vehicle tracking and fleet tracking data, you can reduce fuel use and run a greener, more cost-effective fleet. WORKsmart™-Track allows you to monitor driving style, speed, idle time and CO2 emissions data, all in real-time. Which means that you can minimise pollution, limit risks and improve driver safety.


Insightful reports on vehicle (fleet) tracking

Create reports from your vehicle tracking and fleet tracking data with TomTom's WEBFLEET system. Include precise, reliable information from trip reports, driving times, private mileage and more. Flexible data formats make things even easier - view PDF lists of travel times or merge a CSV file with existing time sheet data. Compatibility with your salary administration package means that WEBFLEET can save your business administrative time and money.


Vehicle (fleet) tracking your way, with WORKsmart™-Track

WEBFLEET® enables business management and operations to make the best business decisions. The web-based service will give your teams access to the information they need, when they need it. To benefit from WEBFLEET, fit your vehicle with the TomTom LINK. Fill in the contact form and we'll be in touch.


How GPS for vehicle tracking systems works

The GPS satellite navigation system was created by the USA’s Department of Defense to enable precise tracking of position and velocity, anywhere on the globe. Today it is free for use by everyone. Anyone can use a GPS receiver to determine their location and velocity, any time of day.

As the first company to offer a GPS turn-by-turn navigation device, TomTom helped pioneer the use of GPS in everyday life. And we’ve continued to innovate. Our business solutions utilise GPS for vehicle tracking to provide industry-leading benefits and features. TomTom’s GPS vehicle tracking system creates an indispensible link between your office and your vehicles, using tracking data to give you valuable insights. See exactly where your vehicles are. Analyse driving styles to improve fuel efficiency. Manage job dispatch and workflow over Bluetooth®. And access all of this and more online.

GPS for vehicle tracking: the link between your vehicles and office

TomTom’s in-vehicle tracking system, LINK, enables GPS for vehicle tracking thanks to its integrated GPS receiver. In addition, LINK transmits the vehicle’s precise location via a built-in GSM transmitter. To monitor each vehicle’s journey, all you and your fleet managers need to do is log on to WEBFLEET. WEBFLEET is our secure online application, which gives you all the vehicle tracking information you need to make smarter, quicker decisions. WEBFLEET refreshes your vehicle tracking data every minute.

How GPS for vehicle tracking enables monitoring of driver styles

With TomTom in-vehicle tracking, you can take steps to help your drivers drive more efficiently and reduce your fuel bills. It’s all made possible by the G-force sensor built into each TomTom LINK device, which detects how the vehicle is being driven. Acceleration, speed, harsh braking, over-steering and idling time are all recorded by LINK. So from WEBFLEET, you can see which drivers and behaviours are costing you money – and then take appropriate action.

Navigation improves GPS vehicle tracking systems

When you add TomTom professional navigation devices, your GPS vehicle tracking solution becomes even better. Active Driver Feedback lets your drivers know when they need to adjust their driving style. Two-way communications between your office and each vehicle facilitates better time management and simpler job dispatch. And they connect conveniently to LINK units via Bluetooth®.


Vehicle tracking and privacy

No-one likes to feel they are being watched. Employees, and those representing them, will often express concerns about the privacy of vehicle tracking solutions. So rest assured that we take these concerns seriously, and have developed our products accordingly. Each one ensures the privacy of your data while delivering real benefits to your drivers. It's why our vehicle tracking solutions are used and trusted by more than 520,000 professional drivers.

Secure data

Keeping your data safe is our top priority. Information can only be accessed through the WEBFLEETapplication with a registered account name, user name and password. And as the administrator of your company account, you can easily restrict the information each user can access on a 'need to know' basis.

Privacy assured

Your drivers will have full control of their personal privacy. Once they're off duty, they just switch to 'private' mode on their TomTom professional navigation device. The vehicle tracking function is then disabled, and they can go about their personal business.

Driver benefits

But the key point to stress is that all of our solutions are designed to make life easier for your drivers. Once they're benefiting from written job instructions, hassle-free navigation and hands-free communications, they will appreciate the difference it makes to their day. And they will be the first to thank you for your investment in TomTom vehicle tracking technology.


Vehicle tracking and fuel savings

Rising oil prices can be a real drain on resources. Responding to this pressure, TomTom’s vehicle tracking systems help you to save fuel and cut costs. From optimising individual driving behaviour to monitoring efficiency across the fleet, our vehicle tracking systems give you all the tools you need to generate instant fuel savings.

Fuel efficiency management tools

With WEBFLEET you can measure the fuel efficiency of an individual driver or the entire fleet with the help of clear online dashboards and reports. You can also analyse details of their driving behaviour with the TomTom OptiDrive indicator. This level of insight gives you greater control and enables you to start making fuel savings – once you can see where idling, speeding and harsh braking is wasting fuel, you can act fast to reduce your spend.

Empower your drivers

You can enjoy even more fuel savings if your drivers use TomTom professional navigation devices with your vehicle tracking system. The devices use IQ Routes and HD Traffic to find the quickest routes, avoid traffic jams and prevent inefficient stop-start driving. They also help each driver to adopt a more fuel-efficient driving style by providing real-time Active Driver Feedback on speeding, over steering, harsh braking and engine idling.

Driver benefits

But the key point to stress is that all of our solutions are designed to make life easier for your drivers. Once they're benefiting from written job instructions, hassle-free navigation and hands-free communications, they will appreciate the difference it makes to their day. And they will be the first to thank you for your investment in TomTom vehicle tracking technology.


Vehicle tracking reports

Vehicle tracking monitors when, where and how your vehicles are being used. And TomTom provides you with an extensive range of vehicle tracking reports so that you can use this information to improve processes, increase efficiency and drive down spend on fuel.


What data is monitored?

Trip data

TomTom vehicle tracking reports give you access to real-time and historical trip data on start and end time, location, distance, duration and standstill time. This will help you to plan and timetable more efficiently, manage payroll, spot problems early and send the closest team to each new job in order to minimise on mileage.

Vehicle data

You can also get vehicle data on fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, and driving events such as harsh braking, speeding and idling. This information highlights problematic driving styles, helping you to reduce your company’s carbon footprintand fuel costs, and keep your drivers safe on the road.


How is information reported?

Clear vehicle tracking dashboard

Trip and vehicle data from your fleet is neatly presented in a graphic dashboard on WEBFLEET. This gives you a visual representation of KPIs affecting your service levels, productivity and costs so that you can quickly see what’s going on and where there’s room for improvement. It lets you set benchmarks for each KPI and assess individual and group performance against them.

Detailed vehicle tracking reports

We can generate accurate and reliable logbook and vehicle tracking reports on a range of criteria such as business vs. private miles, driving times, fuel usage and standstill time. Schedule regular reports to help with tax returns, or get reports on demand to assess fuel efficiency. You can even export the data files into your payroll and other applications to save time on admin and make your processes run smoother.

Mileage log

When you rely on your drivers to complete each mileage log by hand, the task doesn’t just waste valuable driving time. Hand-writing mileage logs also leads to errors, which can cause problems with your management reports, claims reimbursement and tax compliance.

New TomTom research also shows how traditional mileage logs waste businesses’ time and money every month. A majority of drivers (54 percent) who complete mileage logs by hand spend over two hours per month preparing them. That’s time that could be spent more profitably on the road.

By using our automated mileage log, WEBFLEET Logbook, you can solve all these problems.

WEBFLEET Logbook gives you:

A zero-hassle way to log mileage

Enter destinations more quickly, with useful suggestions from WEBFLEET Logbook. WEBFLEET Logbook even learns from your previous trip data, so its suggestions become more accurate over time.

Clearly presented management reports

As well as easy-to-read mileage logs, you can choose to receive insightful reports on your drivers’ trips, driving styles and time spent on location.

A more precise mileage log, automatically

Your LINK vehicle tracking device records every journey your drivers make. Your mileage log won’t miss a single mile.