Fleet management that includes the best traffic information

Traffic is more than just a nuisance. It's a big drain on productivity and a threat to customer service. That's why we've made traffic information a key part of our fleet management offering. Accurate, up-to-date information helps you to plan, resolve problems and keep your customers informed on ETAs. And on the road, your drivers can use it to find the very best routes and get jobs done quicker. Please request a call back to find out more about traffic and fleet management, or learn more below.

IQ Routes

TomTom IQ Routes knows that the same routes can take longer at different times of day. For instance, queues at a roundabout will be more of a problem at rush hour than in the middle of the day. Our fleet management solutions use the world's biggest database of real travel times to give your drivers the best routes wherever and whenever they're on duty.


HD Traffic

Traffic jams can really reduce productivity and disrupt your fleet management. TomTom HD Traffic gives drivers real-time traffic information so that they know of problems ahead and can take alternative routes to avoid them. According to TÜV SÜD, average time savings using this service are 18%. And of course it makes journeys more predictable too, which really helps with your planning.


Smart dispatch with live traffic information

WEBFLEET lets you track the location of everyone in the field and identify the nearest available driver for a new task. You can see the position, progress and ETA of each of your drivers, along with projected delays due to traffic. So if a job looks to be disrupted, you can quickly make alternative arrangements to keep your customers happy.



Keep your operation running smoothly with TomTom WORKsmartT-Traffic. If you've got a dispersed fleet, this is a crucial part of effective fleet management, helping to optimise efficiency and productivity. You can be confident that your drivers are always on the fastest routes, wherever the delays might be. And then monitor traffic online, implementing alternative plans whenever it might disrupt business.