TomTom professional navigation has been shown to save drivers an average of 18% on time per journey. As well as this, it dramatically improves reliability of service, and so forms and essential starting point for our fleet management solutions. Your mobile workforce can complete jobs quickly and safely, and be confident they've got accurate ETAs. Less time on the roads means more time with customers - and that's got to be good for business. Read on to find out more about our unique navigation technologies.

Best maps

The road network can change by as much as 15% in a single year, so at TomTom we work hard to make sure that your maps are fully up to date. Accurate mapping cuts driver downtime, improves your business's efficiency and is a vital part of effective fleet management. All of our devices come with the very latest map, and we bring out new updates four times a year. Plus, for even more regular map changes, you can download daily updates from the TomTom Map Share community.

IQ Routes

Finding the quickest route is not just about knowing distances and speed limits. It's also about knowing obstacles such as traffic jams, lights and roundabouts and the time they'll set you back. TomTom has this information stored in a vast database of real travel times, and uses it in its IQ Routes technology. Not only will your drivers get the best routes, they'll also get more accurate estimates on journey time, which help in your own fleet management.

HD Traffic

HD Traffic information is based on real-time movement on the roads as well as official traffic reports. It saves drivers 18% on time and 16% on mileage, which is why independent assessors, TÜV SÜD, rated it as the best live traffic service available. Accurate adjusted ETAs and journey times on alternative routes make both fleet management and your drivers' jobs much easier.

Award winning navigation

TomTom has won countless awards since launching the world's first personal navigation device in 2004. Our focus as a company is in providing customers with truly first-class navigation. So both our fleet management and consumer solutions are easy to use and packed with features that make journeys faster, safer and stress-free.

WORKsmart fleet management

TomTom PRO navigation devices have functionality well beyond that of a standard satnav. When used as part of our fleet management solution they connect to the office and can be used to better organise job dispatch, driver time and much more.